Coconut Chicken Soup…and dairy

This is the first recipe in the soup section of Nourishing Traditions. I find it interesting that most of the soup recipes have very little meat or veggies included in them. I suppose this is the way soups traditionally are, when you serve meals in multiple courses. Soup is blended smooth like that. However, I’m not able to serve most of our family meals like that. I tend toward one-pot meals. So…I took the idea of this soup, with broth and coconut milk, and made my own version. To the broth (I actually used turkey broth), I added carrots, celery, chopped spinach,  garlic, onion, and leftover cooked turkey (from a turkey I bought and cooked and froze), and voila! Coconut Turkey Soup! When it was finished it still didn’t look like a very complete meal to me, so I quickly cooked a few pieces of bacon. Then I ladled the soup into each bowl, put a dollop of homemade creme fraiche on top, and crumbed bacon over the whole thing. Yum! I gotta start taking pics of this stuff again….

Note on the dairy:

The creme fraiche does not agree with any of us, unfortunately. With the various whole milk dairy foods in NT, I kinda dove right in, probably too quickly. Even the butter I seem to only tolerate a few days a week without discomfort. I have not made an effort to try raw cream for the creme fraiche, just bought organic pasturized cream and commercial buttermilk, since in Colorado you have to buy shares of a herd in order to legally obtain raw milk. Anybody with dairy sensitivity have different results with raw ingredients? I had hoped that culturing it might break it down enough for us to tolerate. We do, however, seem to be doing great on the raw goat’s milk, for which I’m thankful! We only have one share, which gives us a gallon a week. We could easily double it! I’ve been surprised at how well the kids have tolerated the milk, since prior to going gluten free a couple of years ago, even raw goat’s milk made us all sick. I suppose that signals some digestive healing. Yay!


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