The jury is still out.

That’s the phrase I’ve been using to describe whether all the “new” foods are working with our sensitivities. Several people have asked me in the past couple of weeks, and I’m just not sure! I haven’t noticed any glaring symptoms with Hannah or Audrey, which is amazing. They even each had a raisin yesterday (salicylate), and neither seemed to react. That was nice! Audrey begged for a little avocado at lunch today (latex), and so far, so good. Even two months ago those little amounts would have had her scratching till her arms bled. We all had a little raw goat milk cheddar yesterday and today, and that would have given all three of us diarrhea a few months ago.

The thing that made me question whether it was working, is my stomach has been upset for a week or so. I did end up eating out three times in the past week, which I know exposed me to soy each time. In addition, our financial stress has been…high. (Anybody want to buy a Jetta for a few hundred more than it’s worth?) I can always count on the expensive enzymes Dr P sells to calm my stomach down if things are otherwise working okay, so I finally ordered some of those and got them yesterday. I simply cannot make myself eat meat rare or even medium most of the time, after eating it well done for my entire life. It’s a stretch for me to eat it with some pink, which I’ve been doing. Therefore, I figure I may need enzymes regularly, though I do sauerkraut and fermented drinks, just not with every meal. Buying enzymes is okay with me, as long as I can tolerate the nutrient-rich foods we’re trying to add back in to our diet (eggs, raw goat dairy, butter, etc.)

So…we’ll see. It’s been kind of an up-and-down week. I can honestly say the thing that might have helped the most was worship time as the kids and I drove an hour to meet up with some friends from out of town yesterday! Bethel Church’s Jesus Culture band has a new album out…so good. Sometimes I have to take my eyes off the things I can do, and put them on God, where they belong.


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