Just so you can see that we don’t ALWAYS eat that well around here, the menu for the past couple days:


B-pork bacon (Mmmmm), rice cereal

L-Fend for yourself, mostly. I think the girls ended up with hot dogs and crackers

D-Went to Nick’s pizza employer for GF pizza – cheese, tomato, pepperoni, the whole nine yards. It was delicious.


B-Didn’t have much in the house. The girls had hot dogs with their cereal I think

L-Think it was hot dogs and crackers again…

D-Pan-fried steaks (cut up into minuscule pieces for the girls), carrot sticks, leftover brown rice. Audrey decided to have this again…or still…for breakfast Monday.


Don’t know, don’t care much. 😉

Time to go take a nap!




B-Turkey sausage, rice cereal

L-Turkey deli meat, rice crackers, avocado, kiwi

D-Whole chicken cooked in the crockpot, Butternut Squash Fries

Snacks-sunflower butter and rice crackers


B-Turkey bacon, rice cereal

L-(kids) toasted GF bread w/ avocado, turkey, banana; (me) rice tortilla with roast beef, goat cheese, baby spinach, canola mayo, peach

D-Some sort of ground beef/gravy/pasta shells thing that I’m going to make up as I go. I’ll let ya know how it goes. 😉 And steamed broccoli and probably leftover roasted sweet potatoes.

Snacks-Lemon ginger cookies I found that have egg in them, but nothing else we can’t have. Sometimes ya gotta make small compromises. 🙂


Not sure how I’ll be doing menu posts yet. I don’t plan meals in the typical way – I keep certain things in a “pantry” and then add specialty items as needed so I can make what sounds good, so I can’t really post meal plans. For now, I’ll just tell you what we’ve eaten the past few days at a time. 🙂 The girls are currently doing only low salycilate foods and no nightshades in an effort to work out some issues, so things I designate for me are usually because they don’t fit that diet.


B-Turkey bacon, cooked rice cereal with pure maple syrup

L-Turkey, avocado, rice crackers, mango

D-grilled rib steaks (drizzle with olive oil, S&P), sweet potato chips, peach (for me), kiwi (for kids)


B-Homemade turkey sausage (pre-mixed, just throw it in the pan), rice cereal w/ maple syrup (sensing a theme?)

L-Chipotle (Chicken burrito bowls)

D-(I was wiped out and needed something quick) Refried beans, rice crackers and banana for the kids, salmon salad and crackers for me


B-Turkey sausage, rice cereal

L-turkey, rice cakes, kiwi, and so far I’ve had a rice cake with almond butter.

D-chicken stir fry with veggies and brown rice is planned. 🙂

Snacks:  cupcakes, Applegate Farms Uncured Beef Hot Dogs (usually eaten out of a paper towel straight from the microwave), crackers/rice cakes with sunflower butter, fruit (kiwi, banana, mango, dates, for me – peaches)

For me: Lara bars ( I like the ginger ones mainly), raw almonds, almond butter on toast/crackers/rice cake

Being pregnant especially, I tend to eat lunch twice – something small when I feed the kids so I don’t get low blood sugar/cranky/tired, and then something more delicious that I can actually sit down and enjoy later, when I put them down for naps. 🙂