I haven’t written on here much lately, mainly because we’re having to severely limit our food choices in order to get Audrey’s eczema cleared up. Nick and I have been cheating a little when the girls aren’t looking, but it’s just easier to feed the kids the same way, so as to avoid fights. 🙂 At this point, Audrey is reacting to gluten, soy, dairy, citrus, egg, yeast, salicylates (high content foods include almonds, cinnamon, paprika, apples, berries, and a whole host of other things), and latex (which includes avocado, banana, kiwi and more). It’s been a daily project to make decisions about what she can eat. The other day I gave her turkey bacon for breakfast, not realizing it contained paprika (salicylate), which caused her arms to break out for the rest of the day.

So what can she eat? I can make our turkey sausage from scratch for her, carefully leaving out spices to which she reacts, and she eats cooked rice cereal made with GF rice milk for breakfast. Lunch is rice crackers, pear or some other fruit/veggie that’s safe, and lunch meat – ham or turkey. Dinner is easy, since I typically cook a meat, veggie, and GF grain. That’s about it. I have yet to find any kind of sweets other than dried pineapple or mango that doesn’t cause a reaction. Dr P says we need to aim for reaction-free for 6 weeks, and then some of the sensitivity should go away. I sure hope so. In the meantime, the sores on her arms are healing, and she’s much less miserable, though it’s a ton of work. Never a dull moment!



Posted this on my other blog, but it pertains here as well. 🙂

My little Audrey has had a terrible rash all over the backs of her hands and up her arms and various other places for the past several months. In spite of how much I’ve learned over the years about natural medicine, I’ve been baffled. It’s very frustrating to feel helpless as a parent. She couldn’t sleep the other night because she was itching so much, and all I could really do is put something on it to sooth the itch and then hold her. It’s horrible to feel like you’re failing your own child…

We finally took her up to see Dr P AGAIN because we just weren’t getting anywhere. Turns out she’s reacting very strongly to citrus right now, and I’ve been using a natural laundry detergent with orange peel extract. Well, duh, that’s easy enough to fix. She’s already looking better. Wish I could have figured that out a while ago! This now brings the list of foods we are avoiding to dairy, soy, corn, gluten, salycilates, nightshades, egg, yeast, citrus, and a handful of other things I just know don’t work.

Sometimes I start feeling a little sorry for myself about what we have to do to keep our kids healthy. I look around us and see other people’s kids that don’t seem to have as many issues, and start to get discontent and frustrated. Why does it have to be hard for us, I ask? I woke up feeling that way this morning. Cranky and poor me.

Then, sitting in church today was a young mom holding her two year old, a beautiful blond haired little girl. But all I could see was the small tumor growing out of the side of her face, next to her ear. Then in the middle of worship, the little girl turned and looked at me. Her eyes were too close together and crossed, her face misshapen. I fought back tears.

Yesterday as I wandered the rows at Whole Foods, trying to find something Audrey could eat (we were out and hadn’t brought food with us), I looked around me and realized the following: You could spend thousands of dollars, buy all organic food, and STILL be sick as a dog if you don’t know how your own body works.

People often tell me they could never do what I’m doing in the way we feed our family and care for medical needs, even for their own children. It’s too hard, too expensive, too inconvenient, etc. Some of those complaints are valid, and I’m certainly not judging anybody. But it’s far too easy for me to start feeling sorry for myself and forget the blessing that this journey is to my family. I don’t always love the restrictions we have on our diets. Sometimes they’re a pain. But, I KNOW what I need to do for my children to be healthy. I’m not guessing. I consider it a huge blessing from God that He led us to Dr P, who has helped us with a whole host of health issues without resorting to medication. Without his help I think I would have had to quit breastfeeding Hannah and I would have been heartbroken. Who knows where Hannah would be developmentally if he hadn’t caught her severe gluten allergy when he did? My dad had a liver issue that could have killed him but was easily fixed with herbs. My good friend Tara lost 70 pounds two years ago and kept it off, and is now expecting her first baby. And I won’t even start with the difference in me! I can’t imagine doing things any other way… And, the problems we have are something that can be fixed. Audrey’s rash has been a pain, and I’m sure there have been people who have looked at her and thought I should do something about it. But we finally figured it out, and she’s getting well.

I don’t know…I guess I was just overcome with gratefulness for what we have today, in spite of my crummy attitude this morning. Truly, we are blessed!